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OTA Saburo 2012 Spring

2012. 4/7 (Sat) - 5/5 (sat)        
Open 12:00- 18:00

April 7 (sat) Workshop
The workshop with OTA takes place as an opening event. We are planning to sow seeds of dandelion and making paper decoration. Please feel free to join the workshop.
62-1 Minami oji-cho, Kamigamo, Kitaku, Kyoto, 603-8074

May 3 (thu) Artist Talk
4:00pm_5:30pm @COHJU contemporary art

Talkshow : Masato Ozaki (Chief Curator of Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art ) x OTA Sabro

April 30 (mon)_May 5 (sat) Special Exhibition
1:00pm_5:00pm @Zuiunan
Installation works based on functions of "House" which symbolizes "prosperity" and "reproduction".