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[Artist Talk]
5/11 16:00 - 17:30

Hiroko INOUE has been working on the theme of social problems and its construction.At this exhibition, a series of "Mori" reflecting forests in Europe and Japan where INOUE works,and a new piece "window", impressing with her lifework "time and presence of human beings" will be shown.

This exhibition will be representing her message toward the future, through "forest" and "window" related to human stories of individuals.

Hiroko INOUE

The undulatory views of light


2013. 4/20 (Sat) -  5/18 (Sat)        
Open 12:00- 18:00


Closed Sunday, Monday and Holiday

Opening reception

2013. 4/20 (Sat) 16:00-17:30

Artist will attend:4.20(sat), 27(sat), 5.3(sat), 4(sat), 11(sat), 18(sat)

Beelitz Sanatorium, Beelitz / Germany 2013

Jurgendstiltheater, Otto Wagner Spital, Vienna / Austria