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palla/ Kazuhiko KAWAHARA  |  SECTION

2015. 5/2 (Sat) -  4/17 (Mon)        
Open 12:00- 18:00

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Opening Reception

5/2 17:00-

Palla/ Kazuhiko KAWAHARA produces a unexpected world from scenes of everyday life by manipulating images. Kazuhiko has visualised the dynamism which transforms a simple object into a complicated one - for example, the image of “City” which is a sort of nature for mankind, or the colour of “Green” as a symbol of the earth.
In this exhibition, Kazuhiko shows a new series of work focusing on the cross-section of moments that he encounters during his producing process.

Sound:Masaki Higashionji
Support:Canon Inc.

palla/Kazuhiko KAWAHARA

My works are repetitions and combinations of still photography and moving images. Through the process of manipulating spatiotemporal order, I encounter moments that release various otherwise unseen meanings. This is the hidden element in time and space brought into existence by the dynamic development of images.
The cryptic structure of our world is invisible because we ourselves are incorporated into it. Sometimes, however, we witness special moments which help us recognise this fact. The dynamism of these moments surprises us.
The “cross-section”, or instant in which this infinite meaning is released, provides clues that can help us become more aware of our world. It’s the first step to the discovery of an invisible existence.