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Masayuki TSUBOTA

The Vibrant Field

2015. 4/4 (Sat) -  4/26 (Wed,Holidays)        
Open 12:00- 18:00

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Opening Reception

4/25 17:00-

It is pleased to announce that COHJU contemporary will represent next exhibition " Masayuki TSUBOTA −The Vibrant Field−" from April 4.
Masayuki Tsubota’s works envision a new world, through the synthesis of two apparently contrary concepts: sophisticated modernism and handcrafted warmth. The current exhibition is Tsubota’s first solo exhibition in our gallery in 4 years, and will feature new installation work. The texture of his characteristic wood sculptures, produced with carefully considered use of colour and shape, communicate profound meaning and calmness. Marks left by his chisel create a rhythm, the vibration of which will reach the bottom of viewer’s hearts.Tsubota’s work has recieved critical acclaim internationally, and has been featured in many art fairs and exhibitions in Japan and South Korea. This exhibition will be a new challenge for Tsubota.

Masayuki Tsubota

The Vibrant Field
Colours always exist all around us, not only in a material sense but also a transphenomenal one.
Colours penetrate our dreams, affecting everything regardless of consciousness or unconsciousness.
We are constantly gaining information in this high-speed age, and have eliminated the need for these colours in our hectic daily life.
Perhaps we may leave something important behind before anyone notices - the recollection of a feeling which we cannot express
through words, felt through physical sense or intuition.
Colours vibrate; they produce sound, embody the passage of time, accumulate, and amplify together with our breath, our pulse.
They expose that which lies idle inside of us, allow the time we recognise to expand, and for our perception of the world to deepen.
I hope that this vibration pulls our existence into one that overcomes the concepts of culture and race.