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Love World- Dancing Chair in Kyoto 

2014. 12/13 (Sat) -  1/31 (Mon)        
Open 12:00- 18:00

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

Opening Reception

12/13 17:00-


12/13 15:00- 16:30

Chiars keep on travelling on a concept of which they gather people. In our space COHJU contemporary Kyoto, as the third city in a serise of this exhibition, we show a chair’s dance and small works themed with “Love World”.

Hygge Christmas in sharp chilly Kyoto!
“Hygge” is a danish word means Warm and Fluffy atomoshphere, and danish people set a high value on that word. It sounds like “Hokkori” in Japanese, which people in Kyoto use often. Scandinavian people pass the dark and long night in winter with candle light like “Hygge”. Would you like to make candle holder with Yuko Takada Keller, an artist lives in Denmark? Having conversation about the Christmas in Scandinavia, we take place warm and fun workshop. We are looking forward to your joining then.
Paricipants: 16, Addmission: 2,500 JPY, Required to bring Cissors and Colour Pencil.

Born in Osaka in 1958. BFA and MFA at Kyoto City University of Arts. Based in Copenhagen since 1997. Mainly Yuko makes works with tracing paper cut into small pieces. The aggregation of them takes the light in, and has unique and overwhelming presence. Based in Denmark, she acts vigorously as Artist, Curator and Essayist. In europe, she organised many exhibitions which introduces Japanese artists, and recently collaborated with musicians and company such as BVULGARI. And also she writes and gives lectures about danish education system and high level of well-being in Denmark. She wrotes “Flat Country Denmark - from a society of the highest level of well-being in the world-”, NHK Publishing and others.

Yuko Takada Keller