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Shinnosuke Tojo


Shinnosuke Tojo solo exhibition

2018.11.17 (Sat) - 12.15 (Sat)

13:00 - 18:00

Closed on Sundays, Mondays, National Holidays

Shinnosuke Tojo’ s works make us think that other people may possibly see different things from what we have been looking at, and despite his works being made of hard and cold metal, something is wriggling on the surface of his works as if it comes to life.

He says of his artistic vision, "I focus on something between the objects, create works by tracing the real things that cannot be seen, such as time, life and death,”  and, “Inorganic substances give me organic illusions, and I see death between lives that could be taken as an assumption.”

His works peacefully express the passage of time, life, and death, which no one cannot avoid, and also produce different expressive effects depending on the environment. The viewers are drawn into his world unconsciously.

iejyuminnade/ 85×80 cm/ 2018

Signboard, rust, wood, titanium, cola, pigment, resin, iron