Hidekazu Tanaka is a Japanese painter who has put himself on a challenge to expand the possibility of abstract painting. Tanaka's recent works can be seen as today's responds to the art history with an attitude; editable tableau with chunks of the medium on a magnet to overcome the concept of time on canvas.  On another series called cloud painting, he made a remix of lines that he deconstructed from drawings of old masters' pieces such as Pablo Picasso and repeatedly download from the online storage onto the surface. Having said that, his abstract paint is simply playful, colorful, and serving us aesthetic pleasure.


Hidekazu Tanaka was born in Hyogo in 1979 and currently lives and based in Kyoto Japan. Currently, he's a Ph.D. candidate at Kyoto City University of Arts.


Tanaka's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Japan and also is in the collections of Jean Pigozzi collection, Obayashi Foundation collection and Takahashi collection.