Miyako Tengyu grew up surrounded by tons of all kinds of books in a secondhand bookshop run by her parents. Tengyu has been attracted to the magic of the printed word and applied that power to her artistic practice. Inspired by myths and stories, she combines them into her own sequences of a story. Those images look something old but still something new. Especially she uses fabrics and leathers which have more crafty texture than the paintings on canvas, her own stories come into us softly and lifelike.


Miyako Tengyu was born in Osaka, Japan in 1989 and currently lives and based in Osaka Japan. In 2015, Tengyu received M.F.A in Textile from Kyoto City University of Arts.


Besides her own solo projects, Tengyu has Zine project Motel with Yuki Hasegawa. She also curated several exhibitions such as 'Curse and Celebration' at Kunstarzt.