untamed vol.1: Young Artists Group Exhibition

24 December 2019 - 25 January 2020

COHJU contemporary art is excited to announce that we have a new exhibition project called Untamed vol.1.


Kyoto has four art colleges and one of the most active art scenes in Japan for both traditional and contemporary art. But there are not many opportunities for young artists to present their works in an organized exhibition. On this project, we showcase young artists selected by us, mainly in the 20's, still in a college or just graduated. As referred in the title, their approaches towards the creation and the world is uncontrolled and also has so much unseen potential.


For the very first edition of this project, we showcase four young artists who based on Kansai region and devote themselves into a unique approach toward creation with a fresh point of view; Shinya Imanishi, Masaomi Morizono, Kurumi Kotani and Masaya Daito.