Forming: Kosei Komatsu Solo Exhibition

7 September - 10 October 2019

We are pleased to annouce that COHJU contemporary art has Kosei Komatsu solo exhibition FORMING from 7 Sep 2019.

Kosei Komatsu has published many works and projects which are based on the concept of float in the air; some of them constructed with feathers, or applying aerodynamics on the other's. Komatsu has received numbers of awards such as one of the best works at Japan Media Art Fesitval in 2006, Grand-Prix for DSA Kukan Design Award in 2015, and also collaborated many projects with Issei Miyake, LEXUS and so on. 

On this exhibition, we will show his new projects; aerodynamics with new materials. Using carbon rod and polycarbonate sheet instead of bird feathers which Komatsu had used since the beginning of his career,  it enables Komats to creat larger sized works but keep its own calmness and fragileness. The point where artificial and organic matters meet each other would give us one of the thoughs towards the environmental aesthetics.