Seed Project from Kyoto: Saburo Ota Solo Exhibition

8 - 24 November 2014

COHJU contemporary art is pleased to present Sabro Ota's Seed Project from Kyoto from November 8th to 24th, 2014.

The show features Seed Project from Kyoto, the works from the Seed Project series that he collected plant seeds in Kyoto from Autum 2013 to Summer 2014.





I have been collecting the seeds of plants every day since January 1st, 1995. I take a teaspoon’s worth of seeds and fold them in Japanese paper, on which I print the date, location and name of plant. I then perforate the edges of the paper to create works that resemble stamps. As the project has progressed, I ‘ve learned that there is always some kind of seeds will sprout and bloom into flowers gives me positive feelings toward the world. Even if something depressing happens, these small seeds seem to say “ Don’t give up hope, believe in the future.”    ーSaburo OTA