Human. Human? Human!: Shinya Azuma solo exhibition

27 June - 25 July 2020

We are glad to have Shinya Azuma's very first exhibition at COHJU contemporary art.

Azuma just graduated from MFA, Kyoto University of Art and Design this spring but has attracted many attentions and the most of works got sold out due to the high popularity since at school.

Azuma makes a sketch of images inspired by the news program or scenery in daily life, and remake it on canvas with bold brush strokes. Simply and funnily depicted motives with primary colours and chunky texture of the paint derives from some well-timed serious issues such as the tensions between neighbouring countries or protests in the world. 

We get the information through social media or news broadcasting, however, that easiness to access those datum keeps us from the reality and weakens our imaginative faculty as it used to be. In Azuma's paintings, we can see the huge gaps between the comical images and the implications that we can also say as a drastic separation, which his generation tends to confront between themselves and the society. Like memes, those gaps never lose tensions, humours and sarcasms that stick in our minds.

As we mention above, this is his very first solo show for Azuma. In this exhibition, Azuma focuses on showcasing his personal experiences through the new 16 paintings.

Shinya Azume Opening Talk LIVE Broadcast on IG @cohju_kyoto
5:00pm- on 27 June 2020, only in Japanese

In order to continue our collective efforts with minimising the spread of the virus, please note;
- Only 5 people will be allowed in the gallery at the same time.

- We ask you to make a reservation in advance;

- Please wear a face mask.