Installation Work at Hotel Anteroom Naha

Announcement|Mio Yamato

We are pleased to announce that Mio Yamato has created a new huge installation work "RED DOT (BIO)" at HOTEL ANTEROOM NAHA in Okinawa, JAPAN.



RED DOT (BIO) is composed to make mystical existence ruling the natural process enclose the whole space of entrance. It represents endless repetition of deconstruction and reconfiguration in the working of nature. 
Okinawa has magnificent nature and a large number of sanctuaries. In Utaki, an Okinawan term for a holy place which is an intersection point among gods, nature and people, they pray and thank for given lives in nature from the ancient era.

I put every single dot by hand like the growing process of plants or sedimentation. That structure with fluctuation through body action has two perspectives; micro and macro. Individual fragments interact with each other, and then those repetitive segments form a sublime presence.

February 29, 2020
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