KYOTO STEAM 2020 International Art Competition Launch Exhibition

Exhibition|Mio Yamato

COHJU contemporary art is pleased to announce that a new work "under my skin" by Mio Yamato will be shown at KYOTO STEAM 2020 International Art Competition Launch Exhibition, which will be held from October 31st to December 6th, 2020 at Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art . 


This installation work consists of 286 glass plates painted trace of her own blood cells observed with Shimadzu Corporation’s device. Please visit and check her large scale installation on this special occasion.



”Our aim is to create technologies which detect invisible things as if we touch them with our own hands.” This is an impressive phrase they said when I visited Shimazu Corporation's laboratory. What kind of world do we acquire when we touch the unseen stuff?

On Under my skin, I observe my own blood cells’ activity with a powerful microscope and depict them on 286 glass plates.

A cell exists as a fundamental thing inside all living things. In that mode of life, I’ve found a similarity with images in the galaxy or nature.


______________________________________________________________________by Mio Yamato



October 29, 2020
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