Michael Whittle has researched in the diagrams in fine art, based on the idea that the diagram acts as a profound link between science and art, on both philosophical and aesthetic levels, which Michael calls also as 'Romantic Objectivism'. Whittle's recent projects focus on the drawings which are inspired by the substantial scientific researches, discoveries, and datum in various fields and convert them into aesthetic practice which is able to bridge the gap.


Michael Whittle was born in Northumberland, England in 1976. Whittle qualified and trained as a Medical research biochemist before changing subjects to study fine art. During his MA at the Royal College of Art, he won a scholarship to study at Kyoto City University of Arts.


His Ph.D. thesis selected by MIT Press’ Leonardo Magazine for its top 10 list of research in art and science, 2018. Whittle currently lives and works in Kyoto and exhibits and lectures internationally including The Kyoto University Museum, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Asia Culture Centre, Hong Kong Arts Centre.