Subjects and Objects: Yoshitaka Yazu Solo Exhibition

29 June - 10 August 2019

COHJU contemporary art is proud to announce ”Subjects and Objects” by Yoshitaka Yazu, which opens from 29 June to 10 August 2019. 


Learned sculptures at Kyoto City University of Arts, Yazu planned and created videos, sculptures and paintings as a main member of artist collective called Antenna. After resigned Antenna, he has continued to create sculptures, paintings, photographies, installations and other various mediums. Yazu's works are subjected “Sensations of feeling divinity” which is in common to all humans goes across races and nations. We have given religions, fairies, monsters or ghosts to understand and convey “something ambiguous” which can hardly cover with chemistry or mathematics. Through his artworks, Yazu suggests that there is limitless possibility in the middle field of lights and shades or existence and presence. 


Not only as an artist, he is searching the way of arts in society with his new vision. He had done some projects like accommodation style art space called Kumagusuku and Byproducts Market which up-cycle waste materials to new products. This exhibition challenges to rethink the existence of art works and spaces by focusing materials such as frames and stands which are normally regarded as supporting stuffs for artworks. It casts Yazu’s new interpretation on “showing arts” and “artwork itself” by stating his past works as objects, setting new pedestals as subjects. Please come and visit to see his inaugural exhibition at COHJU contemporary art.