9 dolls at CIBONE

News|Mio Yamato

Mio Yamato joins a special project organized by CIBONE from December 11th to 25th.


9 artists chosen by CIBONE has painted on the  Matryoshka, which is a tradidional Russian doll, as a unique piece. This special artworks will be released and available from the first day of the exhibition. For further information, please visit their website from the following link; https://form.welcome.jp/cibone/9dolls



9 dolls

Date: December 11th-25th, 2021


Address: GYRE B1F, 5-10-1  Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

TEL: +81-3-6712-5301

Website: https://form.welcome.jp/cibone/9dolls



 ・Funny Dress-up Lab

・Joji Nakamura

・Yu Nagaba


・Koichiro Takagi

・Shintaro Takeuchi

・Kentarou Tanaka

・Mayumi Yamase

・Mio Yamato

December 4, 2021
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